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-Sex and Intimacy-

Being human is all about relationships. Being understood and understanding the person we’re connecting with is the foundation of a healthy relationship. There is an assumption that we’re supposed to know how to do this well, but what happens when communication breaks down?



I am an Energy Healing Practitioner that understands how energy impacts our ability to be in our bodies.


Thoughts, feelings, and past experiences can get in the way making it almost impossible to be present. I help people identify and shift old patterns and bring a fresh perspective to every moment. 

I am also a Somatic Sex Educator and I teach people about all bodies, presence, intimacy, communication, sex, and pleasure.


I teach people how to create space to move slowly enough to decipher the information your body is communicating to you.

With a combination of energy clearing and body awareness we can get to the root of the presenting issue and clear out old programs, patterns and limiting beliefs.


When the energy of past partners and past experience get moved out of the way you can develop a new relationship with self love and self acceptance.


We'll explore healthy communication, self-awareness, and trusting your own body as a means to know yourself more deeply.

When we orient from the wisdom of our bodies and energetic awareness we can experience a sense of wholeness and CHOICE.










When we recognize where we are, we can design where we are going.

Together we'll create a roadmap for your personal evolution that begins self awareness, embodiment, energy clearing and self care practices.



Most of us never got guidance or support around navigating our bodies much less how they show up in relationship with another.  We make up stories and fill in the blanks often believing there is something wrong with us. Bodies respond to emotions as well as the energy of emotions.

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