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Zen Stones

What can I expect?


Every session begins with a discovery call so please schedule that first. This gives us both an opportunity to see if we're a good fit.



People that work with me are seekers who are ready to make tangible changes. 

Nothing in the body happens in a vacuum, so both physical and emotional pain has its roots in energy.


Regardless of where we are going, we always begin with energy regulation and clearing. This gives us an opportunity to create a roadmap for your goals and a tangible way to track our progress. I teach you take home skills to support the work we do during every session.

Initial Session
90 minute session includes:
  • A comprehensive intake  
  • The creation of your customized treatment plan and strategy
  • Chakra and energy healing and clearing to release challenging emotions and old wounds, limiting beliefs, and outdated behaviors

  • Restorative, practical coaching to restore the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

  • A through cleansing and replenishment of your system that can include release and treatment of physical ailments.

Follow up sessions
75-minute sessions that include the execution of our treatment plan

Energy Medicine uses a comprehensive approach to clearing old beliefs, behaviors and problems. Once we've established our goals, we will regularly update our approach as old behaviors fall by the wayside. It is an ever evolving treatment strategy that addresses the root cause of uncomfortable and outdated behaviors. 

In every session you can expect to receive clearing work and learn or review easy to implement skills that empower you to have choice over how you feel. 

We work on one challenge at a time to build a foundation of wellness that empowers you to make new choices in your life.

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