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My early childhood experiences were not easy.

I felt the opposite of free. This catalyzed a deep need to learn about healing, health, and wellness. I desperately wanted to know myself, feel better and get out of the hole of despair.


I spent many years searching, studying, and working in careers that helped others. I believed that I was okay as long as I was in service. It made me feel better.


I was a natural empath which meant I could feel other people's feelings, especially their pain. This was the tool I used for years as an intuitive healer and somatic sex educator. I thought it was a helpful skill, but it turns out it was the root cause of my feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. 
















Feeling other people's emotions also made it difficult for me to access my feelings and needs. I couldn't access my own when I was oriented toward sensing and attending to other people's needs.

I genuinely thought this made me a good friend, mother, practitioner, and partner. Turns out it just made me tired and resentful. 

This is where Energy Medicine came into my life 

I had done a ton of work in therapy with talk therapists, Shamanic Healers, Somatic Therapists, bodyworkers, and other healing arts practitioners. What I didn't know was how impactful subtle energies of my past traumas impacted my world.

Energy medicine is a sytems based scientific approach to clearing out old beliefs and conditioning from our bodies. It has changed my life and given me a sense of freedom I didn't know was possible.

I feel like the self appointed spokesperson for Energy Regulation. Once I learned how to stay balanced, self-contained, and aligned, all of my relationships improved.

My background is in Somatic Sex Education, which means I help people navigate the pitfalls of sex, intimacy, pleasure, and communication. This work helps people feel more confident, embodied, and present.


Through the years, I uncovered a common theme in my clients' lives. People have difficulty getting out of their heads and into their bodies. As a Somatic Sex Educator, I have excellent tools and tips, but there were still those who struggled. This is where I began to include energy clearing in my work. It turns out most people who walked into my office were chronically dysregulated and didn't know it. They would feel off but couldn't figure out why


That off  feeling is usually rooted in past programming, old hurts, or patterned behaviors that recreate circumstances that we don't want. It can show up as anxiety, self-judgment, or an inner critic that just won't quit. This is the stuff that makes change so difficult. It's also what makes it hard for us to stay embodied.


To help evolve this, I use a systems-based energy-clearing protocol that creates lasting results.

Jon Burroughs, CO

“Victoria has a gift for identifying the stories we tell about ourselves and our relationships. She has helped me re-access a deep well of joy that I had forgotten.
By getting sessions and practicing the simple practices she taught me I'm able to control my anxiety and be more present. I am more optimistic and I am happier in my relationship than I have ever been. I feel like I finally have a choice over how I feel."

Hank James, NY

"Victoria has helped me to navigate self awareness even at age 66.  I have more understanding of what patterns have held me back and have the skills to change it.
She has helped me to improve the levels of intimacy I share with my wife and I am forever grateful. Victoria is an amazing guide and her masterful abilities as a teacher cannot be overstated."

Clark Wyche, CO

"Within just a few months of working with Victoria, I started seeing a  change in my relationships that I never thought possible.


Victoria has taught me to tune into my body, find my voice and have the courage to ask for what I want.

I feel more connected to myself and no longer feel stifled by what I think other people expect of me."

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